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Creating A Positive Culture

There are many different definitions of culture, but essentially, at it’s core culture is people. Culture is passion, inspiration, creativity, diversity, innovation, collaboration, Culture is empathy, team work, patience, enthusiasm, positivity, balance, openness and everything in between.

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How To Improve Our Ability To Focus

Focus is the key that unlocks our ability to achieve greatness, both personally and professionally. It is the unwavering commitment to a goal, the dedication to our craft, and the unwavering attention to detail that sets us apart. When we focus, we tap into our inner reservoirs of creativity, productivity, and innovation. It is in those moments of deep concentration that we can truly make an impact.

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Building Resilience

To achieve your goals, overcome adversity and build resilience, it’s essential to push beyond your fears.

As children, many of us had big dreams: becoming athletes, musicians, astronauts, or even a president or prime minister. But, as time passes, most settle for more ordinary jobs. Fear is the main reason people abandon their early aspirations.

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